Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Write something positive

Inspired by "The Day of Silver Linings" Facebook event occurring Friday to promote positive thinking for a day, I've decided to write a post detailing the positives of today.

~The teacher who's been sick came back today, so I was no longer in charge of the horde of pre-k students for 3 classes out of 4.
~My first class went really smoothly. My students all followed the instructions and did what they were supposed to with needing minimal individual help. One worked quite a bit slower than the others, but she finished before class ended, so it was OK.
~My outfit today was pretty sexy depsite no real effort on my part.
~I was lucky enough to find some very soft, very fresh wheat and nut bread at the store last night, so I enjoyed a fantastic pb&j sandwich for lunch today.
~The "Inspector Gadget" movie was on TV at lunch. I hadn't seen it or heard anything good about it, but I <3 Matthew Broderick.
~The sun was shining and it was a beautiful, breezy spring day.
~I picked up the apartment today at lunch. It looks a lot nicer.
~The students often finish the work quickly and are allowed to watch YouTube videos until the end of class. Because I was so effing sick of Mr. Bean and Mario gameplay (the things they love to watch), I exerted my dictatorial power and watched explosions and cat videos in class today. Cat videos in class FTW.
~Someone brought birthday cake to school.
~I realized one good thing about the new job is that I'm taller than all my students.
~I heard a juicy rumor from one of the teachers, who heard from one of the parents, who claims to have heard "from the source" that our director doesn't pay the teachers on time, which is why another teacher, who cannot, in fact, confirm this craziness, is leaving in a few weeks. Can you imagine what they'll think when another teacher puts in her 30 days notice around the same time?
~There are lots of fun things to look forward to this weekend including a trip to the zoo and wearing my new "Parfait Happy Virus" t-shirt.
~I opened my own stuck jars of jelly and spaghetti sauce today.
~I'm currently making spaghetti.

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