Friday, April 16, 2010

I think my foot is broken

Seriously, though. My left foot's been hurting pretty badly since Saturday's hash (I didn't run, but there were a ton of staris on the walking trail.) and after last night's belly dance lesson, I'm limping today. It hurts near the middle of the ball when I stand, walk, or put any weight on it, but it's not surface pain and doesn't feel like a sprain. I don't think a mere bruise would make me limp either. I have an ankle brace, but it doesn't even touch the part that hurts.

Someone told me you can't get a fracture without having caused notable trauma, but women get stress fractures in their feet all the time from wearing crappy shoes. I'm not saying I wear crappy shoes...much, but it makes sense that there could be additional, seemingly benign, fracture triggers, right?

The good news is I only spend 3.5 hours a week walking nearly a mile to and from work (or usually running to avoid being late), 32 hours a week standing in a classroom, and my entire weekend walking around seeing sights. At least I usually tennis shoes. Unfortunately, arch supports give me blisters.

Maybe I'll go to the doctor tomorrow. I'll point at my foot, and he'll look in my mouth and nose and prescribe me some antibiotics. I'll be good as new in no time at all.

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