Thursday, April 8, 2010

Insanity gene marker

I think there's an insanity gene marker attached to the Korean one.

About a third of our preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students have been out sick this week. One teacher was ill Monday and Tuesday and the other two tried to call in sick today. I laughed when the first ill teacher told me and asked how that would work (since there are only 4 of us, who all teach classes every hour). He said it's not. They're coming in.

Later the director called us all into her office for a meeting. She told us the history of how up until a year ago, none of the teachers' contracts offered sick days and they would have their pay docked if they missed any days. But because she's such a benevolent dictator director, the contracts now offer (maybe) 3 sick days with pay, and so she expects us to show more enthusiasm for our work by going to the doctor before we become ill. You know, because we all included the gift of prophesy on our résumés.

Also, the parents don't appreciate that classes have to be combined when a teacher is ill and spread rumors that teachers choose not to show up for work because the dictator director doesn't pay them enough. Because what could possibly possess a teacher to take a sick day?

Henceforth, the only way our sick days will be excused is if we bring a note from the doctor whose office is next door to the school. Because if we're too ill to walk nearly a mile to school, then we should have no problem walking nearly a mile to see the doctor. And if we've already made it that far and gotten a prescription, why not just come in and infect as many students as possible so as to keep their parents happy?

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