Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who can say their time in Korea is complete without having puked both on the street and from a taxi? That was my Saturday night. No rockin' party, friends, or even booze was involved. No, I was trapped in the city with a migraine by 7 p.m. and nowhere to go but a jimjilbang. But I couldn't even handle the taxi ride from Noksapyeong to Itaewon without having to stick my head out the window, just barely missing someone standing in the road.

I lack the words to describe how miserable the remainder of my night was in the hot, humid, stuffy spa, lying on a marble slab with no pillow, waiting hours for the families and their children to all shut the hell up and go to sleep, listening to the same cell phone ringing 3 or 4 times in the night in the SLEEPING AREA. Ugh.

Most days I don't believe I'll make it out of this country alive.

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  1. You could have asked to stay at my place, you know, since you were in my neighborhood and all. Sorry to hear you were in such bad shape; I thought you sounded a bit 'off' when you called, but I thought you wanted to join up with us, not find a place to crash.