Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please no

I overheard some teachers talking about how their jobs here are good practice for having children later. I gasped and thought to myself, "Please, God, no! Don't let that be true!" Because if it is, if teaching is even remotely akin to parenting, you can be sure I will never EVER have children. Someone please tell me the two are wholly unrelated and that just because my students inspire me to sepuku, it doesn't mean I wouldn't necessarily enjoy raising my own children as much as I've always imagined I would.

Pretty please?


  1. My mother assures me having your own children is quite different from teaching them. At least there won't be as many of them.

  2. And I can train them early on not to be disgusting, disrespectful little shit heads, too!

  3. I think teaching is perfect training for having children. I know what I WON'T do when raising them.