Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip


Friday, October 22, 2010


On Monday my two first graders decided they didn't want to play by the rules and would gang up on me in Scrabble. OK. To keep things fair, I gave them free pick of all the tiles, I went first, played by the rules myself, and only used words they know. Then I got 74 points on "FREEZE" with a triple letter score on Z and a double word score. They played a good game, though, effectively using as many points modifiers as possible. It was much more fun than any of my other classes which can't seem to get beyond two- and three-letter words.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a week...

On Monday one of my 4-year-olds punched me in the eye.
On Tuesday I dropped her on her head.
On Wednesday her classmate hit her with the door, leaving a neat, red goose-egg on her temple.
Yesterday one of my pre-k students, a disrespectful little pill, tried to high-five my hand hard enough to hurt me but pulled his own hand back with his mouth in a shocked "O" expression, having only managed to hurt himself. Because I'm bigger and tougher, and I maintain that I am Superman for that class.
I can't wait to see what today brings.

Inspired by a friend with a broken leg, I committed myself to running every weekday this month. But for the first Friday, I've been doing it. It hurts, but I am awesome. :0)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

38th // Hash

Over the Chuseok vacation, we hashed up by the 38th parallel. It was shiggy (meaning off a paved trail) good times.

Pre-gaming on the subway ride to Uijeongbu. There were cups available, but where's the fun in that?

Thigh-deep in the middle.

On under...

Heading to North Korea

Paintball, anyone?

Well on my way to blitzed on my way to the after party.

Stripping before jumping in the public fountain.

And the shenanigans escalated from there. I can't even believe I made it home. Thank God Korea is a such a safe place for an attractive, inebriated young woman to wander home alone after midnight and get lost twice along the way. I won't be repeating THAT anytime soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

5k Zoo Race

I got to run a 5k race at night in the rain in the zoo at Seoul Grand Park up an increasingly steep hill for the first 2.5k. Shortly after we began, I lamented "WHY did God make hills?!.... And why has man not made the Earth flat?" I was so lucky to get to run with my friend Samantha and finished in an unbelievable 29:06 minutes. At the end we learned we had both pushed one another, so we'll definitely be pacing each other in future races.

Some sort of concert to psych everyone up pre-race.

Me & Melissa

 Always use protection. Yes, that is a condom on an iPod because it was rainy.

Rocky Horror RoK Show

About two dozen foreigners in costume descended upon the COEX Artium theater and waygooked* the hell out of the 700+ Koreans in attendance for the Rocky Horror live stage show yesterday afternoon.

Also, check out what ChrisinSouthKorea had to say about it.

*Waygook has officially been verbed. Tell your friends. And then do it.