Sunday, April 4, 2010


I started hashing last week with the Seoul PMS Hash House Harriettes, a women only group, and really enjoyed it. We walked the trail, which was perfect since I haven't run in 4 months (with the weather being so cold) and come from a country (Texas, I mean) that doesn't have crazy hills like Korea.

This week I went with the Yongsan Kimchi H3 group, which had a good walking trail and fun afterparty. They sang a bunch of super bawdy songs, so I shared a few of my Amtgard ones and will have to remember more for next time.

I'm not really feeling the evening bar group, though. Everyone calls me "oh, a baby" because I'm the youngest person in the room by 3 years. That's a little cute the first or second time, less much the fifth and so on. Also, there are a lot of loud personalities and really annoying drunks, which wouldn't be so bad if they'd just leave me be since I fall into neither category. I have more fun watching and listening than being dragged into conversation just because I'm new.

Hash House Harriers are "a drinking club with a running problem" that meets on the weekends, and there are innumerable chapters throughout the world. A few members go ahead to mark a trail with chalk, and everyone else follows later to end at someone's apartment or a bar for drinks.

I'm desperately looking for reasons not to hate Korea, and I think hashing can be a big one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can comfortably integrate with one or more groups and stick with this. With most of the members being much older than me, they remind me a bit of my Amtgard friends, and I hope I can find a similar connection here.

Yongsan Kimchi HHH
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  1. I always thought hashing meant something to do with smoking weed. The more you know!

  2. "Hashing" can also refer to programming, and "hash" is also short for "hashish," another word for marijuana. I think there are one or two additional definitions, too.