Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mayhem in the making

One teacher was sick today, so somebody decided the best plan of action was to combine the two pre-k classes for the greenest teacher there, me. This means I got to teach 17 5-year-olds all at once. Can you imagine? Really, just picture more than a dozen little Korean children in one small space. Yikes.

Actually, it was surprisingly civil. The more advanced class was very patient and helped the other class with some of the assignments. I was supposed to teach them "music" for 40 minutes, but having never taught it before and having no idea what to do, we opted for playroom time instead. What a madhouse; yet there were no fights and the big group was better behaved than each smaller class usually is in the playroom. It was a nice change for the one boy in a class of girls to have 6 other boys to play with and for the 2 girls in a class of boys to have 8 other girls to play with.

I just have one more combined pre-k class period after lunch to manage. I've decided to scrap the lesson (which involves 17 children with scissors) in favor of coloring. Can't wait.

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