Monday, March 15, 2010

Namsan Tower and Teddy Bear Museum

There's a big tower on a hill in the middle of Seoul with a Teddy Bear Museum at its base. It's a popular tourist attraction and I went on Saturday.

View from the top. Yes, it is always this hazy from pollution.

Sweethearts write their names and a message on these locks and throw away the key.

The teddy bear museum is not an exhibit about teddy bears but about the history of Korea as portrayed by costumes teddy bears. I'll post video later today. I've never liked history, but if it were taught like this in school, I might reconsider. You see, I have a huge teddy bear collection back home; I love this.

Animatronic teddy bears:

How to get there: We caught a yellow #3 bus in Itaewon that took us all the way up the hill to the base of the tower. 12,000 won for combined Tower and Teddy Bear Museum admission.

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