Monday, March 29, 2010

As of day 10, I hate my new job

I really expected a lot from this school because it's part of a well-known chain and is run very professionally. The kids are all very smart and have to test to get into this school. However, the actual job is not about teaching but about pleasing the parents, including putting students in classes way above their level where they can't understand the material and can't learn anything, and flat-out lying to parents in meetings and on report cards about how well their children do in class.

It's not that I have any difficutly in finding a way to write total B.S. about the kids with my degree in BS (aka PR), but I find the practice absolutely disgusting and morally reprehensible. I feel really guilty over having to do this. I even have to do the pre-k students' work for them so the parents see it's being done correctly because the children are incapable of performing at the level of their textbooks. And what do kids learn when I do the assignments for them?

I don't know what to do. These practices are not uncommon in private schools; I'm just amazed at seeing them in one with such an upstanding reputation. Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions for dealing with a job that violates your personal ethics.

I'm so stressed out over the long hours (9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.) and these things required of me, to say nothing of having migraines 3 days a week because nearly everyone in Korea smokes nor of being called fat more times in one week than in 23 years. How come public school teachers are allowed to hit the children and I'm not?


  1. when u find yourself wanting to beat them, u know u r stressed out. i don't teach children because i couldn't live with prostituting myself. getting paid for doing such a disgusting thing as pretending to teach kids to make money for the hakwon owner/ my pimp. there are a lot of other jobs you can do. get out of it. it doesn't get better.

    i can't say it enough times - korea is not about being ood, just about looking good. as long as it looks like those kids are doing something beyond their age level, EVERYONE is happy: the parents have kids with great grades 4 years beyond their capability, teachers get all the respect of "sunsengnim!" (except you but you get fat cash and an airplane ticket! gasp! and a shitty apartment you wouldn't let your dog live in if you were back home... oh thank you director!) the kids are especially happy because they can come there and play with their friends and not study or learn anything at all, the owner and manager are also thrilled because it rains money on them! no one unhappy except those with common sense, but alas, none of those kind of people anywhere to be seen! whoowhooo!!

  2. I feel for you to write your evals quicker try using this site just make sure the students aren't related.