Tuesday, March 16, 2010

COEX Aquarium

COEX Mall @ Samseong Station, Line 2. The first half of the exhibit is lame sauce, but the surprise freak of nature and sharks made it all worth it. But skip the nearby Kimchi Museum. Regardless of one's opinion of kimchi, it was lame-o.

Balloonfish? "The body covered with sharp spines totally. Inflate if molested." Weirdest instructions I've ever read.


Sea stars

A big damn fish

A marsh snai [sic]

"When a man touches the fish, he/she can be fainted by the generated electricity."


Swellfish aka balloonfish in Korean-to-English

Did you ever have those plastic froggy toys as a child?

Shark attack!

This weird fish would not leave the ray the fuck alone. Fish kept rubbing up against Ray, and Ray looked so annoyed but would not acknowledge Fish. I think they had a lovers' quarrel.

Eels are ugly.

My arch nemeses. For anyone who's curious, I am rationally terrified of jellyfish.

Some screensaver fish and more of the terrors of the deep.

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