Sunday, November 29, 2009

Posterity, Pt2

MP is safely in Korea. It's 10 p.m. here. Video upload forthcoming.
November 14 at 7:02am

MP The previous resident left me quite a bit of what looks to be booze- a bottle of wine, a handle of Sagatiba (looks like vodka), and a fancy bottle of possibly anything.
November 14 at 8:08am

MP is now on Skype. Search user name TheMonBelly
November 14 at 9:15am

MP has never lived alone before. And I can't even walk around naked because the blinds are jacked up. :(
November 14 at 9:43am

MP 's assigned bed is hard as a rock. Love it.
November 14 at 5:01pm

MP <3s Korean boy bands on the TV. November 15 at 2:00am MP For two whole days I've been looking out my window at the blur of store signs and ads across the street, and it only just dawned on me seconds ago that some of them read "Wine bar" and "Live bar."
November 16 at 8:23am

MP is filled with joy. The Dunkin' Donuts clerk speaks English.
November 16 at 7:10pm

MP If day one was "I'm not sure teaching is for me," then day two is "I got this," with a smug nod of the head.
November 17 at 4:42am

MP So who wants the loaf of bread with a face and arms plushie from Korea?
November 17 at 6:04am

MP bought her sis a smiley face "Have your a smile" t-shirt today.
November 17 at 6:29am

MP found out her local mart sells bunnies. Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn't get one except that I'd stay in all day and cuddle it and become a recluse? It's too cold to want to go out and explore anyway.
November 17 at 7:09am

MP just spent $12.41 on a personal cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and is not ashamed to say so. They wrapped up the box in a little red bow. Do you know what is wrapped up in this bow? That's right- happiness and joy.
November 18 at 5:29am

MP needs to learn to go to bed earlier and get up earlier because this not having blinds thing means I wake up at dawn, dawn:20, dawn:40, and so on.
November 18 at 8:01am

MP Freezing rain.... it feels just like home.
November 20 at 5:26am

MP is steeped in apathy
November 20 at 8:45pm

MP is trying to psych herself up to venture into the cold.
November 21 at 4:08am

November 21 at 6:27am

MP "Ha! I am amazing," I exclaimed after successfully finding the key combination of 7 switches and 2 buttons in my breaker box to reboot the electricity. It only took 25 minutes, but I didn't have to call my boss to ask him to call maintenance. Yatta!
November 22 at 4:17am

MP saw a pheasant today.
November 22 at 7:35pm

MP wonders how she ever found her way ANYWHERE before satellite imaging maps.
November 22 at 7:36pm

MP has acquired precision screwdrivers and will now be cracking open her busted up camera. Wee!
November 23 at 6:55am

MP just won the "Sniff this Chemical to Determine if it's Bleach" Game!
November 23 at 7:37pm

MP loves how cheap Coke is in Korea. About $1 for a liter. :)
November 23 at 9:04pm

MP Help! I cannot upload to YouTube because I'm in Korea. I cannot upload my vid to Webshots because at <5min and 134Mb, they say it's too big. Suggestions where to upload? November 25 at 9:18pm MP is celebrating Thanksgiving with Uzbek leftovers.
November 26 at 5:09am

MP ventures forth in search of ice cream.
November 26 at 5:43am

MP Oh, dear Paris Baguette/ Won't you be my frenemy?/ Gluttony divine
November 26 at 8:48pm

MP is ever falling more deeply in love with Korean boy bands. For shame!
November 27 at 7:54am

MP is learning to jump rope. Her record so far is 18 skips without tripping.
November 27 at 8:15pm

MP Oh! The problem is that it's catching on my ponytail and randomly slowing the interval. Genius!
November 27 at 8:19pm

MP 36!
November 27 at 8:28pm

MP saw her first fatty in Korea today.
November 28 at 2:31am

MP WTF?! Why do I sometimes smell cigarette smoke in my bathroom?! It's bleeping disgusting.
November 29 at 8:30am

MP finally acquired an American-sized pillow! It was all rolled up and disguised in "Pillow Stuffing" packaging.
November 30 at 7:00am

MP is oh so envious of all her friends who got to go to TRF this year.
November 30 at 7:22am

MP can't seem to stop puking. There's nothing left in there! Gah, remind me never to get pregnant.
November 30 at 8:55pm

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