Sunday, November 29, 2009

Falling in love with Ansan

Today has been great.

David took me to lunch at this FABULOUS Italian place down the street. And I mean ITALIAN. Not Olive Garden American-style Italian smothered in cheese. I had spaghetti pomodoro with lots of veggies and spices.

I learned that David is 45, married, his son has recently joined the army, and he has a daughter, too. He studied philosophy in school and values happiness in life; he likes to read, spends time at the library, and has been teaching English for 8 years.

After lunch, we went to the city hall, which he told me is open to serve the public 24 hours a day, and he picked up a map and tourist's guidebook of Ansan. It's all in Korean, so I will have to step up and learn the language.

Then we went to the library, which is within walking distance (maybe 30 minutes) from my place. <3! It has several racks of English books, with a LOT of fairy tales and classics. This might be my weekend hangout until the weather warms up. There is also a sizable DVD library with private viewing areas and lots of desks to study or connect to the internet. I will have to wait until I get my Alien Registration Card before I can get a library card, but I can go there to sit and read. And there is a cafeteria in the basement. The fourth floor of the library has a GORGEOUS view of Lake Park, and I will definitely be returning for pictures.
(OK, so it's pretty ugly in winter.)

The sun was out today, though everything was hazy, and it was kinda nice weather. We walked a bit in the park. It was really pretty today. Last time I went was too gray. David told me 5 years ago there was nothing here. Ansan is a new city and I live in the downtown part of it. It is based on Melbourne and is the first planned city of South Korea.

Next stop: Hongdae? Seoul? Yongsan?

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