Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have I mentioned I live on the 7th floor?

Because I decided today there is no reason at all that I shouldn't be taking the stairs up to my apartment unless I'm carrying groceries. What I failed to account for, however, as I began my ascent, was the issue of loft-style apartments being about 70% taller than the average 8-10 foot ceiling. Meaning I just walked up an awful lot of stairs and am huffing and puffing a bit.

Also, I don't like to tell stories chronologically. Today was the first day I tackled the bus on my own. EEGAD! Instead of lining up to get on when it stops, people jostle and push to get in front of you to get on. And then I found out why- it only stops for about 7 seconds before tearing off to the next stop at lightning speed, and heaven help you if you're not holding on tight and don't have the reflexes of a stuntman. (I don't, but I expect practice will help.) Not only does the driver speed up and slow down like someone trying to throw a zombie from the roof, but it's a manual transmission and he shifts HARD.

I had to get off 2 blocks too soon because I just couldn't take it anymore and was halfway to an anxiety attack. I kind of wanted to cry. This certainly settles the question of whether I'll be moving closer to school next month. I knew there had to be a reason why I was hesitant to settle in, unpack, and decorate here. I just didn't know the reason until today. Which is marginally unfortunate because, at second glance there are closer to a dozen bars on my block alone.

Classes went really well today. Not perfect, but I think I will have mastered the art of planning adequate activities to occupy a full hour if (read: when) the lesson does not. This being the fourth day of classes, I only just learned that I am supposed to be cleaning the same classroom before school starts everyday, not the first one on my schedule each day, as I had previously been doing. Nice.

I started tutoring the boss's son today. It will be 30 minutes everyday after classes. No pressure, Mon. And in addition to the unstructured tutoring, I have a class full of 14-year-olds who have neither a textbook nor a lesson plan. Fun! (read: sarcasm)

I discovered an acquaintance from Denton lives in the same town as me, so I'm hoping we can get in touch and maybe she'll show me around a bit. I'm really excited about this development as my introverted nature is probably not the best-suited for the adventure of a lifetime that I chose. Nor is my stomach. It's pretty pissed about that pizza. Blegh.

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