Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OkStupid 1

True Tales from Web-dating Misadventures

An unsolicited message from OkCupid:
I eat you out with my silver tongue in exchange for a blowjob :)

His profile says he's studying "romantic psychology." Pfft.

Et moi: Would you approach a woman at a bar with that line? No, because you’d be assaulted. So why would you think it's acceptable to do online? Do you really believe that soliciting fellatio is an effective method of garnering a woman’s interest? Or are you a sadist intentionally seeking castigation? If it’s the latter, how about I step on your balls while penetrating your ass with my 10-inch dildo to show you a little something about "romantic psychology" and teach that silver tongue of yours some respect?

Oddly enough, he never replied.

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