Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UnSweet Dreams

A sleeping witch has naughty dreams
Of nighttime’s creepy, crawly things.
Soundly resting in her lair,
Spiders wriggle through her hair.
Beneath her bed the mice scurry
Over something dead and furry.
And down the hall a great black cat
Trains his gaze on a yummy rat.
As musty smells so gently glide
Across the floor with snakes that slide,
The little witch sees goblins prowl,
And something mean begins to growl.
Murmuring curses, she smiles sweetly,
Trapping children so they can’t flee.
Tasty fingers, scrumptious bellies—
She likes them best with slimy jellies.
She licks her lips and grins with glee,
But a crow cries—she wakes quickly.
Disappointed, she rubs her hands,
And soon she makes new evil plans.

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