Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red Dress Run

Yesterday was my sixth run with the Yongsan Kimchi Hash House Harriers, meaning I was finally named.

Typically, a person fills out a questionnaire about their experiences and funny/embarassing stories, which is shared with the hashers, and then they choose a name for you. Instead, someone thought it would be a good idea to let a hasher I'd never met before make up a bunch of lies for my questionnaire and name me based on that. So because I braided my hair and said I'd traveled to Australia, I was dubbed Pippi Longsucking. Great story, huh?

On the upside, it was my first try at the running trail instead of walking, and I really enjoyed that much. I'll keep running but am probably going to skip the down downs.

The Seoul PMS Hash House Harriettes met that afternoon with a lot of first-timers and about 15 total attendees, the most I've ever seen in the group. Finding the YKH3 name so exceedingly offensive, I asked PMS to rename me. Based on my stories of making men cry and the fact I spin fire, I am now known as St. Emo's Fire with that group.

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1 comment:

  1. Okay Moniqa, you are truly the most eccentric in action. The red dress run is pretty funny. But I think you have surpassed all Parker eccentricities at this point!:)Glad you're having good fun.
    Lv you,
    Aunt Liani