Sunday, January 31, 2010

You know you've been in Korea too long when...

~37F constitutes a "warm" day perfect for a run in t-shirt and capris.

~You introduce yourself by the Korean pronunciation and syllable emphasis of your name: "Hello, I'm Moohneekka."

~You noteece the soft "i" sound deesapearing from your speech.

~Seeing white people on the subway isn't exciting anymore.

~You've grown bored with heavy drinking.

~You take your shoes off in your apartment.

~You understand your students' Englishee just fine (though it hasn't improved).

~You kind of like your students' Englishee in a 1984 Newspeak sort of way. ("Teacha bery good.")

~Putting your life in an insane bus driver's hands is no longer a prospect so daunting as to give you pause.

~You can order food without pointing and grunting at the menu.

What are yours?

1 comment:

  1. when you see a woman coming out of the bathroom doing up her zipper and you don't even grimmace any more.

    i love the comment under your picture - it really says a lot. I feel the same way - lovely or #$%^&* hideous... why is it so hard to determine? standards in conflict... dissonance is stressful.