Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration is a dark night predator

Inspiration is a dark night predator, sneaking in and taking advantage of me prone, just as I've laid down in my warm bed. He throws me violently awake and won't let go. I'm left panting and out of breath when he finishes, when the words are on paper, when I'm too shaken to fall easily back to sleep.

This is the mess he left behind:

There is something to be said for falling completely in love with you
for only tonight.
No reservations, no turning back
It's all or nothing
and, Darling, I want it all.
Let me give you my all.
This is everything
because there is nothing more to give
or to be had.
Love me and I'll love you,
if only for a little while
What say has Time in these things anyway?
There is something to be said for falling in love,
knowing there will be
no lies, no games, no empty promises,
no broken hearts.
No holding back, Baby, I'm all yours
All yours unless we had all the time in the world.
All yours for only tonight.
Show me, what can you make of it?
And I'll kiss you goodbye, my love,
in the morning. The end.

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