Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wicked weekend fun

Friday night I went to a burlesque fundraiser show for Haiti called Cabaret Noir at Club TA. Luckily I ran into some foreigners on the subway going to the same place because it took us 20 or 30 minutes to find it after going down the wrong street and passing it twice on the right one.

This was just the thing to snap me from a two week funk. The crowd was awesome, everybody laughing and talking and having a great time- not an emo kid in sight, surprisingly for a burlesque show. After the show, about 15 people stayed to dance and had so much fun doing it, none of that restrained, trying to impress attitude you see at the usual clubs. Dan, Daphne, and Mitch- y'all would have LOVED it.

I met a Korean girl named Sunny, and she introduced me to her friend from NY, Alex, who showed us to a reggae bar where we hung out until the trains opened and giggled at the ajushi passed out and sawing logs at the table next to us. Sunny also introduced Veronica, who took both my hands in hers, squatted, and greeted me with a long and loud "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!" then stood and pulled me close to wrap me in an awkward and amusing warm embrace.

At about 6 a.m. Saturday I made it to a jimjilbang in Itaewon to pass a few hours and freshen up before belly dance class. It was my first time ever, and most everyone was asleep, so I had the pools all to myself. At first I was a little bored sitting alone in the jacuzzi without even a book, but soon I realized how much fun swimming naked is and was jumping from the warm to hot to ice pool like a little kid, swimming over the bubbles and giggling as they tickled my tummy, and swimming in circles for kicks. I had too much fun. Unfortunately, there were no sleeping mats left, so I slept on the hard marble floor with no blanket, but it was nice and warm.

I couldn't rouse myself early enough for the tribal lesson I wanted to attend, but I saw the tail end of it and stayed for an oriental lesson. I will definitely be returning to try out the tribal.

I wandered Itaewon hoping to find a Mexican place to have lunch. I'd given up and decided to return to the subway when I passed "Amigos." Oh happy day! I had a chicken burrito con queso and a watermelon margarita. The food was mediocre, but I'd been craving it something fierce, loved the atmosphere, and had a nice waiter. I left with that intense, dreamy, ultra satisfied post-coitus look on my face. :0) It was good.

Next up: Korean lessons. Nothing sticks, and I don't study, and I find it terribly dull. But going to dinner with my classmates after makes it all worth it. Good food, good company, and often weird conversation. And then sugar pumpkin bubble tea! FTW. The weird conversation led to my being invited to bake cookies Sunday afternoon and I got to watch Die Hard and play Scrabble. Good times.

The end.


  1. NOT FAIR! I couldn't find the place... Mind posting the directions?

  2. Sangsu Stn Exit 1, turn right out of the stairwell and left on the street. Make a left at (in front of) 7-11. TA is on the right with an easy to miss sign, white with black lettering. If you pass an alley on your left, you've passed the club. Unfortunately, I can't recall the surrounding businesses.