Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Staying out until dawn

I went to this Hands for Haiti benefit concert in Hongdae Friday night. 10,000 won cover gets you into Jane's Groove, Club FF, and DGBD, and all proceeds go to a Haiti children's org. I met a friend at Jane's Groove, and then we walked over to hear the bands at FF. I really liked the opening act, whose name I didn't get. Next up was Easy Boy, Banco, Jergey Merley, and We Need Surgery. Banco and Jergey Merley (reggae in Seoul!) rocked the house. I thought the last band was horrible, so I left to find something else to do, no easy task when you're alone in the city at 2 a.m.

I ended up at some new club that played a good mix of dance music and was really enjoying myself until Mr. Creepy Old Korean Dude took me over to the bar and trapped me between himself and his friend on a bench. Then I realized guy #1 was only Weird Funny Korean Dude, and his friend was Super Creepy Mute Old Korean Guy. He kept trying to buy me drinks, but I'd been dancing and dehydrating myself, so the *last* thing I wanted was an alcoholic beverage. I settled for an O.J. I hate Korean O.J. but at that moment, it was delicious.

So WFKD asks if I'm Canadian because he says I look Canadian and he likes Canadians and blah blah blah. This didn't stop after I said U.S.A. Eventually, he moved on to "I am 38." I smiled and nodded. "I am 38." I smiled and nodded again. Ad infinitum. "Are you married?" he asked. Why do I always forget the correct answer is "Yes"? *Facepalm* Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When he tried to dance with me, the situation inexplicably jumped from awkward to hysterically funny, and I couldn't control my laughter. Then he'd had enough to drink to breach physical contact and it was time for me to leave. I booked it outta there.

So it's not quite 4 a.m. and my bus doesn't arrive until 7. What to do, what to do without spending a lot of money because it's almost payday and I'm broke? I wandered around and saw the lights of the cutest coffee house ever beckoning to me. So I went to Anne House to sit and read in the warmth. 6,000 won for a cup of shitty "Cafe Americano," a wonderful slice of cheesecake, and the chance to sit indoors for an hour or so. Not bad.

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