Friday, September 10, 2010

Jeju for summer vacation

I went to Jeju island, the Hawaii of Korea, with Adventure Korea for four days. This is a ridiculously photo-heavy post, and probably half of them are not safe for work. Enjoy.

Lion's Head Rock at Udo

Outside some amusement park we did not enter. I was thrilled to get this in just one shot.

A tea farm and museum

Trekking (Does it resemble Hawaii?)


Loveland NSFW- a sculpture park created by university students

We had gotten pretty burned out on disgusting Korean tourist food and found a place that served cheesesteaks. This is what we got.

And this is how we felt about it, though to be fair, it tasted great.

We got to do a hedge maze!

Jeju has famous women divers who hold their breath for a really long time. And I got a doll!

Lava tube

It was dark.

We went horseback riding. They made us wear a funny hat. This is how I feel about it.

We hiked up to see some volcanic craters and stuff.

That's our beachfront hotel on the left. And we had the only room of our tour group with an ocean view!

Beach party preparations

Let the shenanigans commence!

Consequently, I spent my last day recovering napping under a lovely palm tree and missed kayaking.

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  1. I was wondering if you'd post about Jeju.... I'm going soon.. I need to decide what I'm gona do while I'm there!