Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nice Saturday

About 9:45 this morning, some Korean guy blew prodigious chunks on the subway while I was peacefully napping. I opened my eyes and wondered at all the hubbub, and I looked down to see the cause. Hrm, lucky thing I was near my stop.

When calculating last night what time I'd need to leave this morning for the hash, I was distracted and, as it turns out, wrong by about an hour. But they always start late, so I didn't really miss anything. I chose to do the walking trail this week because I'm going to try again tomorrow to run a full 6 miles. It was a good trail up on Namsan through some areas I'd not seen before.

The hash wrapped up by 2 p.m. and I wasn't sure what to do with myself until dinner at 6, so I grabbed my first taste of Taco Bell in Korea (delicious, btw) and headed to the jimjilbang, where I cleaned up and took a long nap filled with bizarro dreams I attribute to the bean burrito. This was my first summer visit, and I am delighted to report the place had many cool pools instead of winter's dangerously hot ones. Also, I found out I lost an unexpected kilogram in the week following my delicious birthday binge. Yay.

Feeling relaxed, refreshed, and goddess-y, I met friends and walked down to the hafla (a belly dance dinner party) at New Palace in Itaewon. It has been remodeled because the owner married a Korean woman, and now it has great decor, a full bar and a measly menu. The service was terrible considering our party were the only customers most of the night and had called ahead. And I wasn't the only one served undercooked, inedible chicken. Is safe food really so much to ask? Apparently it is in Korea, where my standards are way too high for the available fare. Being in good company, we had an alright time and good performances, but I take full credit for salvaging the night by hatching a scheme to escape for pie. It was awesome.

Also, I composed a haiku in my head and will now share it.

Take my night away
And fill me with your bright day.
I think we'll ne'er sleep!

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  1. Yeah, I checked out New Palace a couple weeks ago. Um, yeah... I was positive my party of four had a bad experience because it was early... or the restaurant was new... or because the chefs didn't know what they were doing... since I don't do restaurant reviews I didn't bother to post on it...

    BTW, your background comes off as a very dark gray and unvisited links are black - you might want to check your color settings :)