Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the name of SCIENCE!

My grade 2 textbook had us doing an "experiment" today (read: activity) involving rolling a ball to demonstrate motion for the motion lesson to follow. So I walked into class, handed a ball to each of 5 students, told them they have 5 minutes to do some science, and please don't break the computer. 

The experiment ended at about 4 minutes, 15 seconds when one student dropped a bouncy ball and a second kicked it, sending it to ricochet off the wall and into the clock which came crashing down with shattered glass. 

(The clock never worked, and it still would without the glass if the school just put a battery in it, btw.) 

In the name of science, I declare this "motion experiment" a resounding success. 

I love "teaching" science.

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