Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gathering of the Clans

Before I left for Korea, Amtgard was my hobby. It's a fantasy-based medieval recreation group. Think live action D&D, but less role play and more hitting one another with sticks.

Last week we had a big camping event in New Mexico called Gathering of the Clans, July 27-31. It's a yearly event that draws players from across the U.S., and I carpooled with three others for the 9.5-hour trip. It's the only event I've never missed since I started playing in 2005, except for my year in Korea, and this was my first event back since Korea.

It was fantastic. I got to see great people I haven't seen in a while, found space in a cabin so I didn't have to set up a tent in the rain, belly danced, and spun lots of fire. The battle games were great fun to watch and shoot, I learned some new stuff from another poi spinner, and the vendors helped me out when one of my poi handles fell apart.

My only complaints are of far too many smokers cutting my fun short Friday night because I felt nauseous and the lack of belly dancing talent at the drum circle. I maintain that some of the best dancers are heavy women because they put in the effort to have great technical skill whereas skinny chicks are so often lazy because they can get by on their looks.

So here's my video of one of the battle games, and you can check out some of my pics over here.


  1. Never seen anything like this... Do you have a photo of your costume? And anyway, more hitting and less filming!

  2. Unfortunately, because I'm the one with the camera, there are surprisingly few photos of me. And I don't care much for fighting myself because the class rules are so complicated. Without tabletop gaming experience, it's nearly impossible to learn.