Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday night in

I had been planning to go to tonight's Drum Djam in Dallas, but I'm just coming off a 36-hour sinus pressure migraine and am feeling too sapped to make the 30+ min drive to hang out with a bunch of smokers. (Gross.) I thought hippies cared about the environment and their bodies??

The good news, however, is that my bf helped me fix my fire poi today. They literally flew off the handle in Utah when they burned through the swivel clips, sending hot metal flying onto my leg that left a small, bright purple scar. This time I bought heavy duty swivels from the fire supply site and saved $50+ by not having to buy new poi altogether. Sure, it's 20 minutes of pain-in-the-ass construction, but it's done. And I love my new swivels.

In other news, I picked up a part time job in a call center about a half-hour commute away. There won't be much left after gas and bills, but at least I'll be able to cover those two expenses with a little time left over to continue searching for something more permanent.

I decided yesterday to set some fitness goals because I've been slacking in the last month. I'm going to run a sub-27 5k and a sub-40 5k mud run this year. My single mile record (as an adult) is 8:51, so it's definitely doable. My best 5k is 29 minutes and change, best mud run was 40:51 in April's Warrior Dash.

I just registered this week for the September 24 Patriot Games 5k Mud Run in Sanger. I'm pretty excited because my sis and her bf will be running it, too. She's not a runner, but he's committed to whipping her into shape—I can't wait to see how it goes.

With the heat index at 105+ all month, I haven't been out and am really feeling it. Today I got out and ran a mile. I'm really happy about it because my head was still killing me. Tomorrow I'll run one more, and maybe in a few days I'll acclimate to the heat and start running farther.

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