Monday, January 31, 2011

Creepy subway dude

The weirdest thing happened to me on the subway Friday night. Yeah, I know everybody has one such story. But this is genuinely freaky, even for Korea.

Anyway, I got on in Ansan and and promptly fell asleep for the hour ride into Seoul. A few stops later, a Korean guy got on the mostly empty train, sat right next to me, and asked, "Hello? How are you?" I didn't respond from my obvious sleeping state because I was obviously sleeping. He then asked, "What is the problem?" Um, I'm obviously asleep. He waited a few moments, then leaned in close to my ear and said in a nasty tone, "What you are doing is the problem," and he got up and left. 진짜? Seriously? What. the. eff. I had not responded even once throughout.

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