Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busan Shark Diving

It's 110,000 won per person if not scuba certified. Info and booking here:

I went with my friend, Kaitlin, and we took the slow train (Korail) from Seoul Station (27,000 won each) on Saturday and hung out in Busan at the Rock and Roll Pub (Full of foreigners, I recommend it.) just across from the aquarium, which is directly on the beach, a few blocks (walking distance) straight out from exit 3 of Haeundae subway station. Busan only has 3 subway lines to navigate (yay!), but your T-money card won't work there.

There are lots of really nice beach-front hotels and a few hostels you can find online. We chose Korea's sleaziest love motel for 40,000 for two of us for one night. It had a circle bed surrounded by mirrors; we nearly busted a gut laughing so hard when we walked in. Love motels are the Korean equivalent of American roach motels, though I've not seen any roaches in them yet, and instead of being shady places to stay, they're clean, cheap, and safe, although often falling apart.

The dive was not what I expected. I felt the scuba training was rushed, and I was so focused on not dorwning every scuba detail that I couldn't really appreciate the sharks. I'm happy with the video I shot, though, so at least I'll have some good memories. It's shaky because it's so cold down there. We were exhausted after the dive, so I would definitely recommend booking a KTX ticket (55,000 won) home a few days in advance and spending some time relaxing in a sauna before the train.


  1. Love the video! How did you get your camera in the water? And did you have to make reservations ahead of time?

  2. Waterproof camera. You do have to make reservations; I think they open up about a month before the dive.

  3. What about the training did you feel was rushed?

  4. Our instructor rushed through the in-water training. We were barely comfortable with breathing and clearing our masks before we entered the aquarium for the dive.