Sunday, July 4, 2010

Icky sicky

Back home I only got sick once a year. Friday, I came down with my fourth illness since January. Today I will be seeing the same doctor for the fifth time since March. Five because you can only get three days worth of prescription medicine in Korea and standard procedure is for general practitioners to just look at your nose and throat without actually running any tests to diagnose anything, so I always have to go back to the doctor four or five days later because, big surprise, I'm still sick. I wonder if he's as tired of seeing me yet as I am of him.

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  1. I've found that vitamins and nasal rinse work a million times better then the crap the doctor gives. My old doctor here used to prescribe anti-biotics... which is a little stupid and irresponsible because A) a cold is a virus, not a bacteria, and B) because it's doctors like that who make MRSA (anti-biotic resistant bacteria) a problem...

    Anyway, when I feel my cold symptoms coming on, I try to get lots of sleep and take a multi-vitamin before bed. And if you haven't tried nasal rinse, it sounds disgusting, but it works wonders!! Usually I'm better within a couple of days...

    Then again, I've been here longer and have built up more of an immune system too..