Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new hobby

So my downstairs neighbor smokes in our no-smoking-upon-30,000-won-penalty building. The smoke comes up through the floorboards and wakes me at night. Aside from being fucking disgusting, it's illegal and rude.

At a loss for what to do, I stuck a note on his door, composed with the aid of Google translate, asking him to quit smoking because I'm sick and cannot breathe and it's a no smoking building with signs posted on every floor. I know Internet translators are notoriously bad, so I kept it simple to get the point across and completed it with a stick figure dying of smoke inhalation illustration.

Well, he wrote me back on the back of the same sheet of paper. I can't read Korean, but he's still smoking, so I guess the reply is obvious. 

So I've taken up late night jump roping just before bed time. It's not as if I can sleep anyway, and it doesn't aggravate my cough any more than the smoke does. And it's not half as annoying as choking someone to death.

He banged on the ceiling a few times but never came upstairs, so I plan to stick with my new exercise regimen at least until I move into the new apartment. Maybe I'll add some jumping jacks, kickboxing, jump squats, and the like to my routine. Any other suggestions?

Edit: From a friend: "the letter reads something like this according to my girlfriend: We are not smokers and we have never smoked in this building. Please don't misunderstand us, but we are not smokers. Also they are moving out at the end of the month."

So wtf with the smoke coming up from my floor, then? And I guess I'll stick to jumping rope during the day. :0/ *Feeling perplexed*


  1. It's quite possible the smoke's coming from somewhere else...? Let's say the translation (and the note) are truthful - are there other culprits? If so, you're tormenting the wrong people.

    Wait til the beginning of June to check out the smoke. Or maybe a smoke alarm?

  2. .... it says he's not the one smoking...

  3. and that he's moving on the 31st

  4. Lol, you should get the insanity workout dvd's theyre about 60 mins long

  5. On Insanity: Why would I pay all that money for something I can do for free on my own time and my own schedule? I enjoy working out, but Insanity would change that.