Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smile and nod

I often encounter men who tell me to smile more, and it annoys the bejeezus out of me. I'm not an incessantly smiling idiot and cannot see what is appealing about it. I'm cross-posting this blog that captured my feelings perfectly, which I've never been able to really put into words.

"So here's the take-home lesson, ladeez. Smile and dress nice and act like a lady - and you will be considered to be a silly, thoughtless, insignificant girl. Don't smile and dress for comfort and you will be considered to be a ball-busting, man-hating lesbian bull-dyke - or, possibly, Ozzy Ozbourne. You will be called a trope, or a caricature feminist, or a reverse sexist, or a slut, or frigid. You will be said to have fucked too much, or in need of a good fucking, or your problem will lie in the fact that no one wants to fuck you, in which case you need a good fucking but are unlikely to get one. But no matter who you are, and what is wrong with you - because, mark my words, something is ALWAYS wrong with you - there will always be some damn asshat around the corner just waiting to cheerfully insist that you smile, smile, smile!"

The whole thing is here.


  1. This is exactly what happened to me in Songtan the other day. I was dressed up nicely for a horse race.... I was angry and didn't want to hide it. Not only my friends, but complete strangers walked up to me and asked me why I'm so angry. Complete strangers, what's it to them?


  2. Well, you do have a nice smile, but the objective should be to be happier so that you feel like smiling, rather than to smile for smiling's sake... Though I don't really see the harm in smiling for the benefit of others (or, for that matter, asking an upset-looking stranger what's wrong).

  3. Totally agree.We can't pleased everybody.I'll smile if I want to.deal with it!lol