Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warrior Dash

On April 16 I ran the Warrior Dash, my first mud run, with 4 friends. It was HUGE with waves of at least 100 people starting every 15 minutes all day for two days. We ran the 11 AM wave out at DFW Adventure Park. The big draw was a warrior hat, finisher's medal, t-shirt, and free beer included in the cost of registration. I went to the store and bought some warrior paint, and we all arrived early enough to go wild with it.

It was a 5k run with 13 obstacles including cargo net climbs, wall hurdles, climbing over broken, rusty cars, balancing tests, a hay bale climb, cold water crossings, fire jump, and a mud pit. Just a normal hash in Korea for me. I finished in 40:51, placing 3328 of 7393 overall (top 45%), and 191 of 483 in my age/gender group (top 40%).

My only complaint is that the event was so crowded there was more walking than running and big pile-ups at the obstacles, though this did help keep our group together and was ideal for the non-runner among us. Poor Ashley got pushed off a car as a guy tried to run past her so she had to walk most of the course, but at least he fell IN the rusty car and messed up his leg.

Post race

Post gray-water fire-hosing down

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  1. it's really good, you have a good post warrior survivors.