Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yong Pyeong Ski Trip

When a 3 hour bus ride to Seoul from skiing takes 7 hours because of a snow storm and I have to spend Monday night with a friend in Itaewon before getting up at 6 a.m. to go home and get ready for work, these are the things I stop to appreciate.

I am thankful we didn't have to drive our own car back.
I am thankful I used the bathroom before I got on the bus.
I am thankful I brought a bunch of snacks with me to share with my hungry friends.
I am thankful I had my friends with me to combat the boredom.
I am thankful we were not the last ones back to the bus at the rest stop because I don't honestly believe our driver wouldn't have left our waegook butts in the snow.
I am thankful there were 3 of us to split the cab from the Mapo bus stop to crash space in Itaewon.
I am thankful there was crash space in the city so I didn't have to check into a room for 5 hours until dawn.
I am thankful that 7 hour bus ride still only cost 15,000 won.

Aside from the return trip, we had a pretty great weekend at Yong Pyeong resort. Check out their Web site for bus details and such. We split a room at the hostel at the resort for 70,000 won total for the night. There's a water park, bowling alley, karaoke, sauna, a few bars, and so on. Lots of fun stuff to do and decent enough slopes. The only downer was how icy it was with little fresh snowfall. I really miss skiing back home in the Rockies.

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