Thursday, October 22, 2009

It just doesn't math

From my recruiter:

Your documents have been received in Korea and everything looks great. They are currently at immigration, and your visa reservation number is expected on the 30th. The school would like you to arrive on November 5th.

From the Visa application guide:

Once you have your visa reservation number, the process from here is to send the items below to the
Korean Consulate. You will then be contacted for an in-person interview at the consulate...

Once the consulate receives your application and paperwork( including visa reservation number), they will contact you to arrange an interview. Some consulates will let you call to book an interview before you have your visa number, others will not.

You will be required to visit the Korean consulate IN PERSON unless special arrangements can be made. We are not trying to get your hopes up but there are some Korean Consulates who have become sympathetic to teacher applicants who have to come from a LONG way.

The visa will be processed after that. Each consulate has different processing times (from one hour to 5 days), so ask them when it will be ready!

So I'll be making the phone call tomorrow to find out just how lenient our local Korean Consulate is. It's in Houston, btw. Do you think they'd count Denton as "a LONG way," considering I have no car and no way to get there in person?

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